Why Students need Mentors to Succeed

Why Students need Mentors to Succeed

As a school student, you have multiple responsibilities. First of all, you need to attend your classes regularly and be punctual. Secondly, you need to pay attention to your teachers’ lectures and presentations. Next, you have to concentrate on your class assignments and take note of the different kinds of lessons taught by your teacher. Finally, you are required to complete your home tasks or projects and submit them within the specified deadline!

Last but not the least, you are expected to learn your lessons well and score brilliant grades in your examinations.

Too many responsibilities, right? And, you don’t know where to start from…

In such circumstances, students need a firm shoulder that supports them unconditionally, encourages them to meet their academic goals and assists them in all their endeavors. This is exactly where a ‘mentor’ steps in.

Who is a Mentor?

Do you know who a mentor is? Well, let me give you a fair idea about the role of a mentor in a student’s life.

A mentor is a person who inspires students to shake off the yoke of procrastination and concentrate on their lessons. At times, he equips students with the ‘occasional useful tip’ that they require to succeed in learning or revising their lessons. Great mentors are highly experienced and are fantastic friends, philosophers, and guides to their protégés.

In other words, a mentor aids students in grooming themselves for exams, helps them create their projects and explains to them various academic concepts.

Moreover, he also lends them a helping hand in deciding their careers and helps students come to a decision when it comes to choosing their higher education options. Finding the right mentor can go a long way in improving your learning techniques;thereby positively impacting your performance in class and also during exams.

Why do Students require Mentors to Succeed?

As you already know, a typical classroom contains diverse learners.

While certain students might be meritorious, there might be others who require a considerable amount of time to memorize Math formulae or the Physics theorems. Mentors make sure that every student in the class is motivated to study harder and enjoy the learning processes!

Read on to learn about some of the most common reasons why students desperately require mentors to succeed in learning environments.

#1. Networking

Since mentors offer their advice to a large number of people, they have a very strong network.

For instance, the person who has been mentoring you might be offering his guidance to five other students. He might be ready to mentor you at your place or even prefer to mentor you along with his other mentees.

Now, if your mentor guides you along with his other students, you are gradually acquainted with several students.

This helps you grow your own network of people. You communicate with them, exchange your ideas and views with them – and in a few days befriend them easily. Thus, they are included in your network. You are free to discuss your problem areas with them, listen to their weaknesses and motivate them to learn their lessons in the absence of your mentor.

Furthermore, if your mentor is unable to extend to you his assistance in a particular subject, then somebody he knows might be able to assist you.

In this way, you can clear your doubts either from your mentor or some other expert known to your mentor. So naturally, you are well-equipped with sound advice from multiple individuals. This increases your chances of success!

#2. Students receive Feedback

You might have been working hard to upgrade the quality of your essays and also your grammatical skills. But, how do you know if you have made significant progress in these two fields, or not?

Dear students, your mentor is the best person who can give you an honest feedback about your performance.

For instance, your mentor can make you appear for ‘class-tests’. Now, he would allocate grades for each of the sections of your English paper: essays, comprehension as well as grammar. So, depending on your performance in each of the above, you would receive grades.

This would reveal your aptitude in the above sectors.

You can also ask your mentor to offer you assignments related to the academic topics that you have been working on. Once you complete them, make it a point to approach your mentor. Ask him about his opinion on your performance.

Your mentor’s feedback would enable you to understand your learning loopholes, that is, your problem areas.

It would really help you recognize your errors and rectify them so that you do not repeat them in future.

#3. Ensures Accountability

Motivating students is quite a challenging job.

However, when mentors train students, the latter promise mentors to continue their attempts to meet their goals and achieve success. Along with mentors, students too, give their best shot in learning their lessons or memorizing facts. Therefore, pupils are accountable to their learning goals. What I mean is, they have a greater sense of responsibility towards attaining their goals.

Mentors assign several tasks to their students.

Students, of course, have little choice but to complete their assignments and deliver them to their mentors on time. This helps them develop the discipline that is essential for tasting success. Also, it helps students get rid of their habit of procrastination and appearing without completing their tasks!

When students do not possess a mentor, they are no longer accountable to someone else, just like their teachers, for their studies.

Unless students are motivated enough to revise their lessons, they can seldom engage, with immense enthusiasm, in studying. On the other hand, when students start working towards realizing their objectives, they develop a greater interest in academics. And hence, see quicker results!

#4. Help Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Some students might have trouble implementing the Calculus formulae in Math problems. A few others might have learning issues when it comes to remembering the dates or names in History. Some others, yet again, might not be capable of doing the Chemistry experiments perfectly.

When students approach their mentors with their problems, they come up with innovative solutions to those problem areas.

For instance, your mentor might explain to you the Calculus formulae and their derivation once more, till you understand it completely. He would also solve a few Calculus problems for you, to help you gain an idea about these kinds of problems. Therefore, he would help you navigate the problems that you have been experiencing.

Since mentors are quite experienced, they possess the expertise that can assist you in analyzing academic topics more successfully. And, also, stop you from making errors.

You would eventually stop wasting your precious time in your repeated attempts at solving the Math problems. Or, solving those ‘stubborn’ Chemical equations. Mentors would guide you in the best possible way, employing intelligent learning tactics to help you master the academic concepts much faster.

#5. Personality Development

A dynamic personality is able to overcome all kinds of problems and emerge victorious in every field.

Influential people like mentors can offer you a generous dose of personality development on a regular basis. They can help you develop an optimistic frame of mind that always believes in the best. There are times when you might get butterflies in your stomach, fearing your exams. When you have a mentor by your side, you would receive a great deal of mental support and positive energy.

On the other hand, you would also develop a greater amount of self-confidence once you start communicating with your mentor regularly.

Mentors make their protégés recognize their strengths and work on their weaknesses. For example, if you are outstanding in Biology, your mentor would harness your potential in it, ensuring that you earn the maximum grades in this subject.

Since practice brings in perfection, mentors inspire their students to keep working hard on Math problems and other academic areas that seem challenging to them.

This makes them more and more disciplined and contributes to their personality development considerably.

#6. Build Communication Skills

Did you know that interacting with mentors can aide you in developing good communication skills?

Yes, it is true. You become a better speaker once you start engaging in conversations with your mentor. When you form questions associated to your lessons, you are actually learning how to convey your thoughts to others. This leads you to work on your questioning skills and improve them, dear students.

Not only that.

The presence of mentors in the life of a student also develops listening skills in him. Quite often, mentors deliver talks or lectures related to student motivation or the importance of discipline and self-confidence. So students develop their listening skills when they start listening to these lectures. Students also start developing their listening skills when they listen to the explaining of different academic topics offered by their mentors.

For instance, you are not being able to understand the human circulatory system.

You discuss the topic with your mentor and he teaches you the basic concepts of this topic. This process of explanation automatically teaches you about the elements of successful communication!

And, communication is an essential skill that would help you ascend the stairs of your career steadily.

#7. Help Mold your Career

How many of you are confused about your higher education?

If you are, I would advise you to consult your mentor. Discuss with him about your preferences and your favorite subjects. Also, remember to speak to him about your fears, and your career prospects.

Speak about your career choices with your mentor.

You would discover that you realize your potential in a particular field of career and are able to arrive at a conclusion if you interact with your mentor about the same. Your mentor would also motivate you to pursue your higher education in a subject that is in sync with your career preferences.

These are some of the most important ways in which mentors assist students in earning success in academics. Here is wishing you all the very best for your studies, extra-curricular activities, sports, and career!


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