Why These Arts Stream Courses are so Popular?

Why These Arts Stream Courses are so Popular?

Students and parents are often dogged by dilemma regarding the former’s career paths. The first right step in the direction ought to be taken in high school. After passing grade 12, students and parents are faced by the daunting task of choosing a stream of study wherein lay their potential career path. Nowadays, the Arts stream is gaining a lot of population. It is no longer considered as a derogatory or lesser choice. In this article, we endeavor to explore what are the courses that contribute to making Arts stream a favorite today.

During this year’s admission season, colleges and universities across India have witnessed a steep rise in applications under the Arts stream. This illustrates that more and more students and parents are waking up to the potential and career choices available under the Arts umbrella. Take the example of Delhi University, this year’s admissions had maximum applicants vying for a seat in the arts stream courses, with a majority of them opting for BA programme (1,40,619).

The Subjects: Given how expansive the list of career choices have gotten, little surprise then that the Arts stream is has become a popular preference. If you have opted for Arts, be informed that there’s a long lineup of courses which you can take up in college. Let us give you a short summary of which courses are up for grabs:

  • B.A. Political Science: This course help students specialize in study of politics and policies – state and government level. As a student enrolling in this course, one gets the opportunity to study in-depth about topics such as world politics, international relations, terrorism, environmental concerns and much more. With a bachelor’s degree in political science, careers in international relations, politics, social work and research are open for pursuit.

  • B.A. Economics: This course enables students to gain excellent know-how about social sciences, and captures both quantitative and literary courses. Furthermore, as far as career options are concerned, students can opt between choices such as market analysis, cost analysis, strategic pricing, statistical forecasting among many others. With a degree in economics, employment in corporations, government and financial outlets is highly possible.

  • B.A Journalism: This course is apt for students who want to get into media – especially print. This course equips students with a creative curve – especially helping to hone writing skills. Also, communication skills are taught in detail. This course it quite comprehensive, as it exposes learners to wide range of fields such as: politics, society, economy, media and entertainment. Take up this specialization course, and it will usher you into a world of opportunities in the line of media and communications.

  • B.A. in Sociology: To gather better and enhanced understanding of social areas and society at large, opt for this specialization course. It centers on study of social change, social life, social causes and their impact on human behavior – historically to till date. This course is an appropriate career lifeline for students who aspire to make a career in teaching, social work, journalism, research and development etc. In the last few years, a growing trend has come about – demand for sociology graduates has been on the up in organizations such as the United Nations, NGOs worldwide and many other social work and humanitarian bodies.

  • Other Courses: The Arts stream carries a host of other options. A bachelor’s degree is gettable in subjects such as psychology, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Anthropology, and History. If you’re adventurous and have the aptitude in any of the subjects given above, then the sky is the limit.

At the time of opting for a specialization course in the Arts stream, students and parents need to collectively deliberate on a few important factors:


To succeed in any course – arts and otherwise – a student needs to ensure that he has the aptitude for the course(s) chosen. Aptitude implies to an individual’s natural ability. Let’s say a student has an aptitude in History, then with proper guidance and training, the student can surely excel in the course and then go on to make a career in the field. Another important factor is the Interest of the student. If a student loves and engages in a subject wholeheartedly, they will surely perform to the best of their potential in the course.


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