Why Value Education Should Be Given As Much Importance As The Curriculum?

Why Value Education Should Be Given As Much Importance As The Curriculum?

Modern education is almost entirely made of things like curriculum, assessment tests, results, and standards. Marks and performance are usually considered the only things capable of making a difference in schools and colleges and hence, are hold in the highest esteem.

But do you think that is justified? What about those important human values that students should learn at the beginning stages of their career? If you want your child to be a proper human being in future, these values should be given almost as much importance as the curriculum itself (if not more).

Children usually pick up values from their teachers and parents. Hence, you, as a parent, need to mold yourself in the proper way such that you keep on staying a role model for your kid to follow.

Anyway, let’s get back to the original topic now. Why should you give value education the same amount of importance as the school curriculum? Let’s see.

1. Value education teaches children to be compassionate in life

Compassion is a beautiful thing indeed. It’s something capable of turning the world into a better place. But sadly, it’s not just something that can be taught through books. It comes from within. It cannot be mugged up, memorized or solved. It can just be picked up from somebody else.

Value education can give parents a platform to highlight the importance of compassion to kids in particular. By adopting values themselves, they can present a great example to the kids who are more than sure to pick them up in the long run.

Remember, value-centered families develop value-centered children. The same is more or less applicable in this case.

2. Value education teaches children to come to a quick decision

Life decisions are difficult indeed.

Most people find it exceptionally difficult to make their choices among the host of options presented to them. But why?

That’s because they allow the options to overcome them in the process. They stop thinking with a clear head and panic, largely because of the huge availability of choices and the uncertainty of their success. At times, they panic so much that they can’t even come to a decision within the right time.

Value education can come in as a savior in such circumstances because they can help individuals make key decisions in the blink of an eye. It teaches persons to stop seeing an issue as a part of a problem; in would be better if it’s seen from the part of the solution. Simple things like that can go a long way indeed.

3. Value education teaches respect

We have noticed most people saying that “modern day kids don’t respect adults anymore.” We, more or less support the same thing. But do you know why?

Simply because most modern day kids don’t even get a lesson on value education. All they learn is about algebra, trigonometry, arithmetic, etc. but where are those “values” when you need them the most?

Value education can incorporate the sense of respect in kids. They will be able to start respecting each other and their adults at the same time. If this isn’t considered a major benefit of value education, we seriously don’t know what is.

4. Value education teaches cooperation

One person can’t do everything at a time. You need a team where everybody can cooperate with one another to ensure that the job goes on and on almost as smoothly as butter.

Value education can teach cooperation and collaboration to kids from the very start of their career itself. So is there something not to like? Guess not!

5. Values help to foster responsibility in kids

Be responsible for your action”- This is something that can be taught to kids through the incorporation of value education.

It can help to increase their self-confidence which, in turn, can benefit them a lot in the long run both in their curriculum and in life.


A final word…

Let’s go back to the original question now; the one that was made in the title of this article. But this time, we would not answer it directly. In fact, we would like to know what YOU think of it after going through all these points highlighted above.


So don’t hesitate to provide us with the answers in the comments section below. We’ll be waiting…


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