Why You Can Consider Astronomy as a Career

Why You Can Consider Astronomy as a Career

The sky is an ever-changing celestial dome filled with hidden mysteries. Astronomy involves the study of those mysteries and coming up with a logical conclusion. Astronomers or astrophysicists are scientists who observe the movements of the celestial bodies with different scientific instruments and analyze their research data.

Now, it seems fascinating to observe the birth of the stars, the small features of the planets or to analyze the evolution of the galaxy. Although the mystical nature of the heavenly bodies has somewhat decreased due to many scientific advancements, there remains a constant interest. But, finding success in the field of astronomy is not everyone's cup of tea. It requires much more than just gazing at the sky with a telescope in hand. There needs to be a sound knowledge of mathematics and physics as well as a large amount of curiosity in the field. The eagerness to know more about the mysteries of the galaxy will open the doors of astronomy.

Why Astronomy?

  • To Study the shape, size, mass and features of the stars and stellar evolution.

Studying and understanding the characteristics of stars and the stellar evolution is essential for the Universe. Astronomers observe and through their theoretical understanding the astrophysics of the stars are determined.

  • To understand the effects of the celestial bodies on one another.

It is highly fascinating to figure out what causes what in the solar system. The effects of one celestial body on another are studied via astronomy.

  • To know about the historical evolution of the galaxy.

The galaxy is the gravitationally bound space. The astronomers study the evolution of the galaxy and its formation. The processes that formed the heterogeneous universe from a homogeneous starting led to the formation of the first galaxies.

  • To work with flexibility and schedule the tasks accordingly.

The profession of astronomy is not a plain 9-5 job; one can set their duties according to their will. This flexibility of time is a huge advantage in this profession.

  • To be involved with a regular flow of interesting work on a daily basis.

Astronomers have a constant stream of work, and at the same time, they are interesting to work on. There are no dull phases in this job.

Astronomy is the oldest form of natural science. It is the only science which is observational and not experimental. One cannot use there senses like touch, smell or feel to conduct the scientific studies of astronomy.

How does one start studying Astronomy?

The foremost requirement to be an astronomer is having an interest in the field. Kids can start by reading books related to outer-space and join astronomy clubs in schools. One can also join the astronomy clubs formed by different NGOs like SPACE. There are various mobile applications which also provide insights about the subject. Lastly, one can buy a telescope to trigger the astro-photographer inside them.

Pursuing Astronomy as a career

A career in astronomy can go on to become something huge if done right. An individual needs to pursue an undergraduate bachelor's degree in mathematics or physics. Upon completion of the course, a Masters in Astrophysics or Astronomy is the most suitable option. Some famous Institutes in India which offers the above courses include Indian Institute of Science, Homi Bhaba National Institute, and the IIA.

One can study further by doing a Ph.D. They need to appear in the Joint Entrance Screening Test conducted in February every year.

Work Opportunities as an Astronomer

There are many job opportunities in astronomy, but there is stiff competition for the positions. One can work with National Aeronautics and Space Authority (NASA) or the ISRO. They can even teach astronomy in various universities and institutions.

The pay-scale in private and government organizations are also considerably good. Agencies like Indus, PRL, ISRO, etc. are some of the places where astronomers can work. A Ph.D. or a Master's Degree holder in Astro studies, earnings are also standard to high rate.

Studying astronomy is time-consuming but if done correctly with dedication, a lifetime of work satisfaction may be ahead for the students. Day in day out being involved with the stars, Milky Way, planets, and the sun is a fascinating prospect for the ones who are passionate about this profession.


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