Why You Need Yoga and Meditation in Today's Lifestyle

Why You Need Yoga and Meditation in Today

Today's world is a fast paces dynamic world. All processes have been made faster and so have humans. Though humans invented tech and improvised it to make life easier, it some how ended up making them faster. And this has made humans only more stressed and vulnerable rendering them unable to take a pause at times. Most people have ended up run down, bitter and angry because they were not able to let go for a few moments. There needs to be a mechanism to be put in place. Wherein humans can pause life for a few moments take a deep breath and get away from all the hullabaloo of life.

This pausing is what the ancient saints in India called yoga. Yoga is an ancient Indian disciplinary art form. It is dated back to the ore Vedic ages. Many ascetics are said to have undergone penance before they attained enlightenment about the art form. And from then on there have been many yogis who have taught their disciples and the art form grew. There are many schools of yoga like the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain sects. But the art form remains true to its core. It defines itself as a form of harmonious unison with nature and the cosmos. Which is essentially what we need to survive currently?

Though it is a fad off late yoga is truly a game changer. The more practices Yoga, the positive side of Yoga are revealed to them. An aura of feeling good envelops around the life individual. This feeling is derived naturally and its genuiness is expressed in its entirety in an individual's life. From a certain perspective it helps clears ones deepest cravings, motivations and aspirations, thereby ensuring confidence, hope, meaning and proper sense to life. Everyone loves feeling good, wants to achieve peace of mind, being joyful, peaceful, animated and calm always. There are no two ways about this. But the unfortunate truth is that many are aware and know the fact that that they are not able to feel as good as they want to. And here is where yoga comes in. The driving force of yoga is aimed at the monumental, life-changing discovery of who and what you actually are.

It explores the inner sects of the mind that haven’t been explored. Through physical attribution and movement, yoga helps unlock that secrets to yourself that you never realised you could have had. And meditation is vital for everyone living in modern society. Having a regular and consistent practice of meditation will help practitioners find equanimity in the midst of their hectic modern lives. Various meditation techniques can bring a range of benefits, from calming the erratic mind, resolving past traumatic experiences, healing physical discomfort and illness in the body, and energy protection and cleansing.

Regular yoga practice builds mental lucidity and coolness, boost body awareness, relives stress patterns, relaxes the minds and sharpens concentration. Yoga provides tools through which one can manage which the pain and helps contradict with the feeling of helplessness and depression. Yogic breathing and stretching exercises have been seen to result in better mental and physical energy and improved mood. The mental performance also increases with yoga. Doctors also have suggested that yoga can enhance cognitive performance.

This is precisely how yoga works, how it makes you feel good. Modern research has recognized the scientific roots of yogic practices and yoga has now achieved international recognition and acclaim.It is enviable that yoga must be made an integral part of our educational as well as health care systems. If our masses practice yoga, they will be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. It is obvious that yoga is a boon for the ‘modern’ man of twenty first century, which has become a victim of everyday stress. Yoga helps you experience the truth. The truth- which, you discover is goodness. The implications of knowing the truth is massive. Thus Yoga gives you the strength to unravel the truth with which you will begin to live with security, confidence and inner psychological peace. Such great are the benefits and properties of Yoga. Yoga is a rejuvenation of life in its glory.


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