Why You should Learn Farming

Why You should Learn Farming

Farming and cultivation are one of the most crucial part of our existence. It is the source of our food and sustenance. Be it grains, leafs, fruits or vegetable, our existence completely depends on farming and cultivation. It is the source of our nourishment and is essential for our living and growth. The importance of farming can hardly be described words. In short, it can be said to be the reason for our existence.

If you are keen to learn to farm, you are not only helping yourself but also your community. Farming might not be a glamourous job but it is definitely the most crucial of all jobs. With the advancement of technology, farming has seen phenomenal changes. Mechanical cultivating, high performing seeds and fertilisers have altered the course of natural and basic farming. Farming as a way of life has started from 10,000 BC when man learnt that there were other ways of food consumption apart from hunting and gathering meat.

Modern cultivation requires skilled labour and specialised analysts who test the soil and recommends the best things to farm in the soil. They would determine the usage of water and fertiliser required for proper farming and the ways and means of reaching optimal production capability. Farming is often a family oriented work or business since it concerns a subsequent amount of land which is mostly owned or leased by family members. Farming is hence a significant part of sustenance for a family.

If you are keen to get into farming, you need to ask yourself what is the objective of choosing it as your career. Analyse what motivates you to take up farming as a profession. You need to understand that farming is a slow process and doesn’t make you rich quickly. So if you are ambitious to earn money, this might not be your recommended career option.

A successful farmer is one who is fond of nature and is keen to nourish it and see it grow. The job is more emotionally and spiritually rewarding. The profile is more traditional and is passed on from generation to generation. Practical experience is very important to know whether you are well suited for the job. Farming is a commitment and is a long term job choice, with hardly any chance to switch over, so make sure you are up for it.

Farming has variety. You can choose from crops, seeds to grains. However you would be limited to the quality of your soil and it might restrain you to stick to only one from cultivation. Vineyards are more exclusive sort of farming, it gives a posh image. You might also choose to get into vegetable or fruit farming.

Organic farming is the new trend of this era. It is a method of cultivation by which one gets to retain the health of the soil and also produce without using harmful chemicals and pesticides. Organic farming includes usage of more natural components like manure, bone mean, compost, which retains the health of the soil. These methods are internationally monitored and governed by institutes and bodies which focuses on a healthier ways to farm and harvest.

Livestock farming and animal husbandry might also be in your mind when you think of farming. Cattle, pig, cow and buffalo rearing are the popular choices. Freshwater farming of fishes and shrimps is also a lucrative option.


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