Teacher’s Guide for Using YouTube for Effective Teaching

Teacher’s Guide for Using YouTube for Effective Teaching

Do you wish to incorporate multimedia to your lessons? You can use YouTube inside the classroom from time to time. There is a lot to get from this mega video website and in fact, multiple videos are uploaded every minute. And you can do a lot with YouTube rather than just watching video or comment. In fact, there are multiple things that that you may use to take your teaching experience to a new high.From teaching fundamental concepts to complicated experiments, YouTube allows teachers the opportunities to teach anything they wish to teach. With the help of YouTube videos, they help the students in all possible ways, including preparing for assignments, tutorials or effective presentations. Below are the tips for using YouTube in the academic field.

Look at the description of video before you play it in the classroom:

Post your inquiry in search bar and it will soon display numerous search results that contain keywords or phrases you have rightly entered. Before playing video directly, you should read out the description. It helps a teacher to find out a relevant video and allows the students learn a difficult concept easily.

Share a Video

The tutors may share the YouTube Videos in diverse ways. They can mail the video URL, share it on the social platforms or even embed it inside a blog, website or Wiki. These are diverse ways to share video on this video sharing site. If you have your own classroom blog or maintain the official site of your educational institute, then this embedding procedure is the best tool for you. There is embedded code available for each video that you can easily copy as well as paste on the blog or website in order to display video on them. When you copy the embedded codes, you should mark ‘Show suggested videos when video finishes’. In this way you can allow your students to get exposed to YouTube videos in safe as well as secured way.

Do not give YouTube access to students without right guidance

On YouTube’s Home page, recommendations, featured videos or the day’s most popular clips or even most popular videos of a week are displayed. Besides, it contains interesting videos other than only educational videos. The best tip is to offer guidance and do not allow the students gain free access at any point of time.

Use the privacy settings at times of uploading the tutorial:

You may allow your students to watch only your tutorial while flipping the classroom or offering them with video resource. How can you do it? Use privacy setting and set it as private or unlisted. It is important to note that private video is only seen by you and also the users you choose. In fact, this video will not appear on the channel or even on your search results and will always remain invisible to other users.Making video unlisted signifies that only people who have link to the particular video can watch it. In order to share a video that is unlisted, you just have to share link to people with whom you want to share its access. Unlike several private videos, people you share video do not require to possess Google account to observe the video, and they share it with diverse people simply by forwarding these links to them.

Use Education Section of YouTube:

YouTube have identified the difficulties that the teachers are facing and also have come up with diverse solutions. Currently YouTube has launched education related section where only academic content is allowed.

Know about YouTube Edu:

This particular section allows the teacher to use YouTube freely for teaching. Do you know that this educational section is exclusively developed for educators? Several professors, institutes, universities upload their academic videos in it. These videos allows the teachers get engaged with the students with exclusive illustrations, experiments as well as tutorials. It allows them to develop as a better professional.

YouTube for your school:

YouTube’s School section becomes comprehensive, appropriate, customizable as well as teacher- friendly way. Gain access to thousands of high quality academic videos on the YouTube in a controlled way.Read the important tips that you may consider to use YouTube and improve your teaching experience like never before.


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