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HKT 4322
Male, 52 Years
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Ivo W

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Professional Maths and Physics Private Tutor
Experience:More than 4 Years


University B.Sc. and M.Sc.


I teach physics, engineering, mathematics. my experience has been that one to one personal tuition has a unique value to students because of the ability to resolve the studentís personal barriers to learn in a way that lays the foundation for a deep and lasting understanding of the subject.

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HKT 1968
Female, 20 Years
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Janice N

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Experience:More than 2 Years
Teaches: English
  • Experience: More than 2 Years
  • Qualification: HKIED- Bachelor Degree of Education in English
  • Teaches: English


HKIED- Bachelor Degree of Education in English


I have tutored at primary schools and secondary schools and taught students ranging from aged 3-16.

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HKT 224
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MA in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language


Giving mandarin or cantonese lessons to non-chinese speakers.

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