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Afshan A

  • USD 150/Hr
  • All areas
  • 15 days ago
Experience: I have 11 years of experience in tu...
Qualification: Masters degree in Electrical Eng...
Teaches: Mathematics, Statistics, Computer S...


  • USD 15/Hr
  • All areas
  • 20 days ago
Experience: I am a certified accounting technic...
Qualification: Business
Teaches: Accounting, Accounts, English, Engl...

Abhi J

  • USD 50/Hr
  • Kuwait
  • 28 days ago
Experience: I am an engineer and have a degree ...
Qualification: Marine engineering
Teaches: Mathematics, Physics, Science


  • USD 18/Hr
  • All areas
  • 29 days ago
Experience: Native English Speaker, trained and...
Qualification: Bachelors of Education
Teaches: English, Mathematics, Social Studie...

Mohammad A

  • USD 250/Hr
  • All areas
  • 3 months ago
Experience: Masters in Computing, Business, and...
Qualification: BSc in Software engineering
Teaches: Sociology, Maths, computer, Busines...

Yash J

  • USD 20/Hr
  • All areas
  • 4 months ago
Experience: 1. I am a Civil Engineering Graduat...
Qualification: Bachelors of Technology
Teaches: Maths, Mathematics, Physics, Engine...


  • USD 50/Hr
  • All areas
  • 4 months ago
Experience: I can teach Chemistry, English, Bio...
Qualification: MBBS , Associates of Science , E...
Teaches: Science, Chemistry, English, Biolog...

Adrian W

  • USD 60/Hr
  • ,jamal abdul nassar ...
  • 4 months ago
Experience: I have experience in teaching Busin...
Qualification: B.Com and Diploma in Accounting
Teaches: Science, English language, Maths, E...


  • USD 15/Hr
  • Kuwait city
  • 4 months ago
Experience: I have tutored for 2 years, to a va...
Qualification: English
Teaches: English, English language, Photogra...

Sahar J

  • USD 10/Hr
  • All areas
  • 4 months ago
Experience: I can teach French, English quite w...
Qualification: Bachelor of Education
Teaches: English, French, English language, ...

David A

  • USD 15/Hr
  • All areas
  • 5 months ago
Experience: I can teach Business Finance, Econo...
Qualification: masters
Teaches: Business Finance, Economics, comput...

Jassie G

  • USD 30/Hr
  • All areas
  • 6 months ago
Experience: I am a very well adverse tutor with...
Qualification: MBA in Language
Teaches: Business, Business Studies, English...

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