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PHT 19342
Male, 32 Years
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Elevor B

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every day is a challenge , be a positive thinker
Experience:More than 9 Years
Teaches: Piano,Violin
  • Experience: More than 9 Years
  • Qualification: College
  • Teaches: Piano,Violin




I graduated in music education. i am a member of piano teachers guild of the philippines.i am an experienced private piano and violin teacher and am in this profession since 2015 . i first conducted a piano seminar about rudiment of music, basic piano etudes and the four types of chords which includes major, minor, diminish and augmented chords last december. i have a long patience in teaching piano and violin.

Tutoring Approach

Scale and Piano Etudes first before like Hanon, Eckstein and Phillip we proceed to a certain pieces.. If my student is 5 years-8 years old,I enable them to caught there attention and listen what i teach: I often do is reward system in order them to challenge when they do perfect of what I teach then they will receive their reward. Using hand signs from middle do to higher do and other methods of teaching like Eurhythmics of Dalcroze by tapping the notes. I am not strict in teaching because i want to my students that they will enjoy of what they're skill... When I explain to my students I always use metaphor enable them to grasp easily.

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PHT 19102
Female, 20 Years
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Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics


My students will enjoy the discussion while they also learned.

Tutoring Approach

I understand child's psychology his need and implement the teaching technique accordingly. I will make sure the child gets to know the true meaning of the topic we are studying and not just the bookish knowledge. I strongly avoid cramming and violence in studying. I can motivate the child to perform to the best of his/her abilities.

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PHT 18747
Female, 32 Years
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Bachelor or Science in Industrial Education Major in Computer Education


I am a licensed teacher, been teaching for 5 years and also for tutoring for almost the same year.

Tutoring Approach

My specialty is that I can connect with students easily. Teach them in such a way that they can understand and grasp concept easily. Can teach them in a simple way such that they can understand the concepts easily.

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PHT 18650
Male, 23 Years
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BS Civil Engineering


I have been tutoring mathematics, chemistry, engineering subjects, mathematics- applied subjects.i am dedicated and passionate in teaching.

Tutoring Approach

Starts from the basic so my student will absorb everything.

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