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Cheryl Balilo

Cheryl Balilo

My name is Cheryl, an English and Tagalog tutor for 10 years now. I offer both online and face-to-face classes. I teach all levels of students from beginners to advanced of all ages. I used to teach in language schools and in some Academies Online, teaching Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and other Asian students for English language and Tagalog learners from different parts of the world. I have taught Tagalog students from America, Australia, Canada, UK and some from Asia. I have taught English students mainly from Asia such as Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Saudi Arabia etc. My teaching strategy is very simple. I use different approaches for each student depending on their levels and whatever is suitable for them. For English lessons, I usually use books suitable for the student's level or any materials to meet his/her needs. For Tagalog lessons, I have created my own lectures. They are simplified and comprehensive which will make you easier to grasp and understand. The lessons cover every part of the language learning (vocabulary, speaking, listening and comprehension, grammar and pronunciation) I describe myself as a happy, hardworking and a positive person, being able to see through good things out of every negative circumstance, and that is my secret in keeping my enthusiasm for every thing that I do. I love it when I give my best in everything that I do and when I can make people happy and satisfied with my service.

Area: Online

Location: Angeles