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Ace your econs is a small group tuition provider for economics students for junior college “jc” in a safe, fun and learning environment. due to the steep transition phrase from secondary school to jc, many students face difficulties in understanding and applying difficult economics concept as they have never encountered this subject before (unlike maths and sciences). as such, jeffrey who has been through this tough transition phase himself, is able to relate directly with such students with similar difficulties and help them to excel in economics. unlike many other tuition centers that make empty promises of “instantaneous results” or “guaranteed a within 3 months”, ace your econs aims to equip all students with a practical life-long skill through a fun and learning environment. proverb – “give a man a fish and feed him for a day. teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time.” jeffrey believes that learning economics should be fun and applicable in real life. as such, he deploys many real life examples in his classes to draw relevance to the course work of economics. once the students are motivated to learn through the interactive classes, they will be able to achieve their dream results of getting a. jeffrey has graduated from nanyang technological university with a second upper honors in economics and also obtained an “a” for a-level economics. he has also attended half a year of economics courses at shanghai jiao tong university. with his past 10 years of tutoring experience, jeffrey is in an excellent position to help jc students to achieve their dream grades.


Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, Combined Science (Chem, Bio), Combined Science (Phy, Chem), Computing, Economics, English, General Paper, Geography, History, Literature, Malay, Maths, Physics, Science, Social Studies, POA, Additional Math, Statistics, Psychology


Jeffrey’s former experience in various Commercial Banks as a Commercial Banker has provided him with good relevant exposures – for example he understands perfectly how the introduction of Stamp Duties into the Singapore’s Property Market affects the banking sector, the property sector and the actual Economy. He is able to enhance his teaching experience by using relevant Economics concepts like Demand and Supply to explain.

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