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  • Experience:I can teach Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Education, Physics very well.
  • Qualification:Finish IGCSE
  • Post Code:20150
Teaches: English Reading Writing, Science, Health and Safety, Maths, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Eduaction, Physics, GCSE, TOEFL, IELTS, Art, Physical Education, MS Office, Algebra, Drawing & Painting, Advanced Maths, Chess, Drawing, Painting, Swimming

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  • Kindergarten
    • English Reading Writing
    • Science
    • Health and Safety
    • Maths
  • High School
    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics
    • Physical Eduaction
    • Physics
  • Test Preparation
    • GCSE
    • TOEFL
    • IELTS
  • Elementary School ( Prathom )
    • Art
    • Physical Education
    • Maths
    • Science
  • Computer Subjects
    • MS Office
    • Algebra
    • Drawing & Painting
    • Advanced Maths
  • Arts & Hobbies
    • Chess
    • Drawing
    • Painting
    • Swimming
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Qualification :

Finish IGCSE

Total Experience :

2 Years

I can teach Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Education, Physics very well.

Tutoring Option:

Home Tuition Only

Teaching Style :

Sequential and intuitive explanation about concepts so that fundamentals are built very strong without any confusions. This methodology being supported with various life related examples will help to picture the concept in mind which will help to always correlate the concept with reality.

Hourly Fees [THB]:


Tuition Schedule :

  • Sunday


  • Monday


  • Tuesday


  • Wednesday


  • Thursday


  • Friday


  • Saturday


Kindergarten English Reading Writing, Science, Health and Safety, Maths THB 500.00 /hour
Elementary School ( Prathom ) Science, Maths, Physical Education, Art THB 800.00 /hour
High School Physics, Physical Eduaction, Mathematics, Chemistry THB 1000.00 /hour
Test Preparation GCSE, TOEFL, IELTS THB 2000.00 /hour
Computer Subjects Advanced Maths, Drawing & Painting, Algebra, MS Office THB 500.00 /hour
Arts & Hobbies Chess, Drawing, Painting, Swimming THB 500.00 /hour

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